Hopewell Township Development



Attention developers, retailers, businesses and all other interested parties, did you know that Carnegie Mellon University recognized Hopewell Township as one of the Top 4 Models and Sites to transform the area in and around the Pittsburgh International Airport?

Based on its analysis of southwestern Pennsylvania, CMU predicted four sites would advance the implementation of an ‘Aerotropolis’ development concept for the Pittsburgh International Airport, and Hopewell Township – the Gateway to Beaver County – will play a large role.

Note: An Aerotropolis is defined by author John D. Kasarda as, ‘a new urban form placing airports in the center with cities growing around them, connecting workers, suppliers, executives, and goods to the global marketplace.’

Hopewell Township is a First Class Township incorporated in 1812. As of 2012, population was 12,593.

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Hopewell Township Market Assessment
  Along the Route 60 Corridor, 26 properties are available for development. Current Zoning designations of these lands vary, but are predominately Residential-Agricultural (R-1). In addition, there are eight undeveloped industrial properties such as 46 Acres – Special Growth District, 13.9 Acres – Special Growth District, 97.5 Acres – Laural Road, Industrial Park District, 107 Acres – Industrial Park Zoning, 10 Acres – Industrial District, Riverfront Industrial District, Hopewell Business and Industrial Park – Commerce Way Phase III.

Hopewell Township Digital Mapping Products (Maps 1-9 – 1 of 2)
Parcel Level Base Map, Map Sheet Index (County Assessment Sheets), Topography, Steep Sloped Areas, Floodplains, Sanitary Sewer System, Water Distribution System, Soil Types, Building Suitability.

Hopewell Township Digital Mapping Products (Maps 10-13 – 2 of 2)
On-Lot Septic Suitability, Current Land Use (Zoning), Proposed Land Use,
Prime Development Sites.

Hopewell Township Market Assessment – DDG Inc. (Pages 1-24 – 1 of 2)
This Market Assessment document provides Background and Introduction, Summary of Key Findings and Conclusions (Retail Market, Residential Development, Office Development), Retail Market Overview (Retail Market Areas, Retail Market Area Profile), Residential Market Overview (Primary Market Area, Market Area Profile).

Hopewell Township Market Assessment – DDG Inc. (Pages 25 – 42 – 2 of 2)
Residential Market Overview continued (Primary Market Area, Market Area Profile), Office Market Overview (Economic and Industrial Overview, Office Market Overview) Appendix – ESRI ‘Tapestry’ Lifestyle Segmentation Descriptions.

For Zoning questions, contact:
John Bates, Zoning Officer