Residential Car Washing

Residential car washing :

Outdoor car washing that uses detergent-rich water flows down the street and into the storm drain. This water may contain high amounts of nutrients, metals, and hydrocarbons. Commercial car wash facilities often recycle their water or are required to treat their wash water discharge prior to release to the sanitary sewer system, so most stormwater impacts from car washing are from residents, businesses, and charity car wash fundraisers that discharge polluted wash water to the storm drain system.

What you can do to help :

  • Using a commercial car wash.
  • Wash cars on gravel, grass, or other permeable surfaces.
  • Blocking off the storm drain during charity carwash events or using a insert to catch wash water.
  • If pumping into a drain is not feasible, pumping car wash water onto grass or landscaping to provide filtration.
  • Use hoses with nozzles that automatically turn off when left unattended.
  • Use only biodegradable soaps.

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